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The Seawood Mask
Lia Schorr's famous Seaweed Mask is made up of natural minerals which includes a moisturizing gel. This mask is hydrating, soothing and full of nutrients that leave the skin revitalized and rejuvenated. Good for all skin types.

For the ultimate result - We advise this treatment to be applied in conjunction with the Deep Pore Cleansing Facial.

Time: 15 mins
Price: $35
Package of 6: $174
The Calamine Facial
The cleansing facial with calamine mask which is both calming and soothing.
Time: 75 mins
Price: $95
Package of 6: $450
The Collagen Ampule Treatment
The Collagen Ampule refines fine lines and forms a superior protective film to soothe and hydrate skin. This treatment helps to clarify and purify skin.
Time: 25 mins
Price: $55
Package of 6: $260
The Vitamin C Treatment
As one of nature's greatest antioxidants, Vitamin C stimulates collagen production, and strengthens blood vessels leading to healthy, firm and resilient skin. Good for all skin types.
Time: 75 mins
Price: $90
Package of 6: $450

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