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No need to despair anymore! At last, help is at hand.
The Problem Skin Facial
The Problem Skin Facial is a full, comprehensive treatment which heals even the worst of problem skins. This facial includes steaming, deep cleansing and only natural products are used which are steroid and hormone free.
See the difference for yourself!
Time: 100 mins
Price: $165
Oxygen Acne Treatment
This Oxygen Acne Treatment is significantly advanced.
It is a powerful method that deep cleans and kills bacteria while soothing inflamed skin. Promotes healing and rebalancing of the skin to protect against aging damage.
Time: 90 mins
Regular Price: $180
Special Offer: $160
Acne Treatment
Utilizes alpha-hydroxil acids, urea peroxide, and salicylic acid to effectively cleanse blemished skin and remove the micro-comedones. With the special combination of organic acid, zinc and vitamins, the treatment effectively inhibits skin hormones that cause clogged pores.
Time: 90 mins
Regular Price: $170
Special Offer: $150
Facial & Glycolic Treatment
Ideal for treating various types of problem skin, this procedure aids in eliminating natural signs of aging as well as skin irregularities. The process helps to remove the lines and uneven facial pigmentation, leaving skin more firm, clear and healthy. For all skin types except ultra-sensitive skin.
Time: 90 mins
Regular Price: $170
Special Offer: $160

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