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Lia Schorr may be known as an international skin care expert, but she takes most honor in the experiences and tribulations she endured throughout the years that allowed her to make it to this prestige platform. 

Born in the former Soviet Union, in Tushkent, to parents who survived the prosecution of World War II, and becoming a soldier in the Israeli Army, Lia learned at a young age the importance of strength, hard-work, and determination.  “After fleeing our home in Poland, due to Nazi invasion, and finally settling in Israel, we had nothing” Lia said. Who knew that all of these difficult childhood experiences would provide her with the skills needed to create a successful 40+ year business and ever-lasting legacy.

“When I reflect back on where my inspiration to pursue skin care came from, I began to realize it was totally by accident.  As a young girl with little self-confidence, I began experimenting with skin care and I was instantly hooked,” Lia shares. Lia instantly realized skin care was her passion and began to understand that skin care opens doors into the many worlds of nutrition, health, beauty, medical, and psychology, to name a few.  Lia was determined to not only be a part of this industry but to really make a positive dent in the transformation of the skin care world forever.

After working at Georgette Klinger during the 70s, the first men’s skin care salon in the country, Lia Schorr opened her small spa, The Lia Day Spa, in 1980 with $500, demonstrating her entrepreneurial spirit. Six months later, People Magazine profiled her “the most knowledgeable skin care expert,” which put her future in this industry on the map. Her spa became well-known and although Lia Schorr was expecting her clientele to be all women, to her surprise, men took over and loved the services she provided.  This inspired her to not only maintain her status in this industry but to also help it grow, allowing Lia Schorr to open her school shortly after, The Lia Schorr Institute of Cosmetic Skin Care Training Inc., to share her expertise with the world.    

Forty years later, and still maintaining her title, Lia Schorr continues to run her spa daily, deliver professional hands-on skin-care advice to her clientele, and trains her employees, creating a spa that provides services that address the needs for individuals of all skin types.




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